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Section B: Contractual Agreement

The above name Applicant hereby applies for an account with CTX Club (hereinafter referred to as "CTX Club") for the privilege of trading goods and services with other CTX Club Members. 

Upon Acceptance as a Member of CTX Club:

  1. The new member agrees to a $395 membership fee to have access to our network of members.

  2. The applicant agrees to pay a 7.5% Cash transaction fee on each transaction ( Sale & Purchase ) billed weekly,

  3. On purchase transactions only, the 1% trade fee is to cover the deficit trade balance of the club.

  4. CTX Club member agrees to a $15 cash and $15 trade for the monthly accounting system including services of a dedicated broker and marketing support system.  

  5. Annual Membership CTX Club renewal fee is $100 Cash and $100 Trade, on anniversary date. 

  6. The applicant agrees to abide by the Trading Policies and Procedures, as may be amended from time to time at CTX Club's discretion.

  7. The Applicant agrees that any usage of an assigned line of credit constitutes a debt to the CTX Club trade exchange and may be payable in cash if acceptable trade options no longer exist.

  8. Any cash fees due and payable more than 30 days after the date due will be charged a monthly $25 Cash late fee, until the past due balance is paid in full.

  9. Any cash or trade fees due and payable more than 60 days after the due date may be turned over for collections. In that event, Applicant agrees to pay any costs of collection and reasonable attorney fees.

  10. VIP accounts are available for members based on their annual transaction volumes. 

Applicant acknowledges that he/she is duly authorized to execute and deliver this agreement on behalf of company and that this agreement is binding upon the company in accordance with all its terms and conditions.

It is understood that this Membership Application, together with the Trading Policies and Procedures, constitute the entire agreement as between the parties and shall be binding upon their heirs, successors, administrators, and assigns. The agreement between the parties becomes effective upon the Applicant's acceptance below and the subsequent approval of the Membership Application by an officer of CTX Club. 


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